Blogmas Day 23; Winter Party Essentials

There is officially three sleeps until Christmas and I am still having trouble quite processing that. As we all must now it is the party season what with New Years and Christmas so I have gathered a few of my winter party essentials.
I’ll start of with, what I think is my most essential item and that is; heels. Truth be told I can hardly walk down the street in heels but I think if you’re going to a last minute party and you’re outfit is slightly on the plain and simple side then adding heels adds such class and sophistication to your outfit and it look like you put so much more effort and time into this outfit. It just does add so much more sophistication as well as height for those of us who are small, like me so I just can’t live without them.

Next are the two more essential items both slightly makeup related. A dark lip. My favs are Revlon matte lip colour in Sultry. I feel like I mentioned this product in a post last year but it’s such a gorgeous dark plum colour and I love it even more because it’s matte and stays on for ages. Maybelline color drama pencil in the berry shade is also fab and I love the shape of it I think it’s so cute, it has quite a thick led in the pencil which is really good when you’re applying it. As well as a dark nail polsih. I feel like dark nail colours just stand out so much more than lighter colours and they will complimet pretty much any outfit especially for a party. Just one simple dark colour could make an outfit.

Lastly, probably my favourite item is a big necklace. I think for a party you have to have a huge statement necklace, of course it would depend on what you’re wearing but most of the time I think that a big necklace just catches the eye and looks gorj. I personally prefer gold necklaces.

Let me know what your party essentials are! I’d love to know.

Love Curls & S x

‘Live like everyday is your last.’


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