Blogmas Day 21; Christmas Days Out

Christmas Day is only 4 more sleeps away and as it nears and for most the Christmas shopping has come to an end (for most of us!) we find ourselves with more free time to enjoy with our family and friends. So we thought we’d also share with you some of our favourite places to go…


If you’re in London- Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland

This is a favourite for both tourists and Londoners, though the prices may be quite steep so tends to be something people do not every year but we would definitely recommend going at least once of you haven’t.


If you’re on a budget-Oxford Street

Oxford Street is especially wonderful at this time of year, the best thing about it is that you can get a good day out and get the last bit of Christmas shopping in, so if you’re in London what’s stopping you?


If you’re in Glasgow- Glasgow Markets

One of the more quiet options that also make for a good day out is the Glasgow markets, the lights that decorate the streets look wonderful at this time of year. Granted the markets themselves aren’t the best but the atmosphere can make even the most stressed Christmas shopper that little bit more relaxed.


If you’re in Edinburgh- Edinburgh Markets

So, this is the one that inspired this post as we visited Edinburgh last weekend and the atmosphere there was buzzing. Edinburgh is known for it’s relaxed atmosphere and old fashioned streets and their Christmas markets. The lights there are wonderful and entry is free but be warned the prices are quite high when buying things from there but it is worth a wonder if you’re in the area.


If you happen not to be anywhere near any of these places- Home!

As they always say; there’s no place like home, so if for some reason you can’t make it to any of these places there are other ways to feel festive for Christmas, so if going out in this weather isn’t ideal this Christmas we definitely think spending the night in with a box of chocolates and a few Christmas classics is just as festive. What do you think?

Love Curls & S x


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