Blogmas Day 20; Easy & Quick Dinners

In the run up to the big, planned Christmas dinner we might want to have slightly less filling and quicker dinners.


Here’s one of my go to recipes for when I don’t have a lot of time but still want something filling and substantial. Start off by frying off an onion in a pan of oil, about a tablespoon, along with a few spices and let fry for a bit. I usually just add salt, pepper, basil and coriander because a lot of the spices are already in the tub. Pour out the tub of chilli con carne mix into the saucepan and cook for a bit. I tend to add another couple of tins of red kidney beans because there isn’t many kidney beans already in the tub.

I had this with plain rice but it would also be great with spaghetti ( I just prefer rice) Honestly, I told you it really is this easy but is still amazing.

Another thing I love making and is also super quick and easy is pizza. Something everyone will love but it’s also quite filling and of course you can adapt the fillings to suit you. I use the pizza base mix for tesco which you just add oil to I believe but it does say it on the packet. After rolling it out spread a layer of passata over the top and simply add whatever your preferred toppings are. I usually add cheese and chopped mushrooms with a few chopped chiliies. It doesn’t take long at all to much and is quite fun to make.

Let me know what your fav meals are in the run up. What’s simple, quick and easy for you?

Love Curls & S x



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