Blogmas Day 18; LaTe Niights

I am so ashamed. I have never been this under prepared for a blogpost, writing this on the 18th of December at 7:00 when it should have gone up at 7 this morning..

Well lemme tell you why; I went to a Christmas party last night and it was honestly fab. Remember that post I wrote a few days ago Blogmas Day 13; Challenging Yourself Well, going to this party was a bit of a challenge for me because I’m not much of a party animal and I didn’t know a lot of people at this place. But like I said in that post you’ll be so glad that you went or did or simply accomplished whatever that challenge is. To be honest I don’t think I would have gone if my friend hadn’t encouraged me. Moral of the story; always do something outside of your comfort zone and test your limits. More than often you’ll be very surprised with the outcome.

So the party finished at around half twelve and I went to bed much later than usual. Whilst still having to wake up at the rise of dawn at walking about attempting chores whilst half asleep. I know it’s still no excuse. To be honest, I had a good time, work hard play hard. Like a lot of teachers usually say, and it is true you have to allow yourself to do fun things as opposed to being locked up all day working. It’s a balance. Almost like a scale, too much work can lead you to go off balance and cause problems, whilst equally having too much ‘play’ time will also lead to an imbalance.

Love Curls & S x

‘work hard, play hard’


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