Blogmas Day 17; Favourite Christmas Scents

Tis the season to light many candles and contribute to global warming. Only joking it’s never good to contribute to global warming.

So obviously it is just a must to light a billion candles and just feel all cosy and warm.There are so many gorgeous scents out there, my favourite scent this Christmas has to be apple and cinnamon. Personally I’m not a huge fan of just cinnamon. I know, what a surprise since it’s practically the most loved scent of Christmas by everyone but I find some cinnamon candles too strong and spicy so don’t really like it. But I’ve found this really nice mix of apple and cinnamon and it’s honestly my favourite. It’s such an uplifting and just gorgeous scent.

In attempt to not bombard the house with tons of scents the other scent I quite like is gingerbread. I think this is one of the most loved in scents during winter. As well as being one of the most loved treats, gingerbread houses,gingerbread men. If you’re a huge fan of gingerbread a corresponding gingerbread candle would go perfectly with the freshly baked treats.

Bringing me on to my final point of the scent being the smell of freshly baked any sort of Christmas treats. As soon as you walk into the kitchen and you’ve just made, peppermints, chocolate orange deserts and cinnamon treats. The smell of this you just can’t replicate in a candle or air freshner which is why during the festive season everyone should be baking all sorts of treats.

What are your favourite scents? What candle can you not live without during the wintery months? I’d love to know!

Love Curls & S x

‘All is calm, all is bright.’


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