Blogmas Day 16; Christmas Fundraisers

During the Christmas season we get presents, give presents, have parties, enjoy all the festive activities but oftentimes we forget about those people who won’t be able to do anything special for Christmas because they can’t afford so for them it’s simply another day.img_0717

I think it is so important to do your part in contributing to these causes and helping out. Christmas Jumper Day (which is actually today) paying a pound to wear your Christmassy jumper at school or maybe even at work. I think everyone loves wearing a Christmas jumper so why not?! The bigger the better. I’ve seen some that light up,make noise and jingle!

Hand made Christmas cards. I’ve not actually ever done this myself but I made a few for a Christmas stall and I was actually quite surprised at how nice some of them looked! I got my inspiration from pinterest obviously.

Christmas Parties, as frequent as they are why not make a charity event out of them? You could simply make up some tickets and make them £2 including food and drink or you could even just make it a donation at the door. If you were doing a party like this it might also be an idea to have a theme; Harry Potter, black and white maybe even a masquerade.

Something else that I’ve seen that i=I really like the idea of is the shoebox appeal. So essentially what this is, is choosing a gender and age range and filling a box with things that would apply to them. For example an older woman might like sewing equipment, cooking utensils. Then there are some things which you can give to all of the age groups and those are things like toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo as well as other toiletries. I think doing this as well really opens your eyes to the fact that these people aren’t hoping for a new xbox, perfume or shoes this Christmas. They want all the things that we would take for granted. Just reminds you to be even more grateful and thankful this Christmas season, don’t forget what other people have to go through.

Love Curls & S x

‘when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.’                                                           –  Maya Angelou


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