Blogmas Day 14; 5 Festive Nail Options

In my humble opinion I think that the nail options for Winter are so much nicer than any other time of the year. Here are my top picks for this season ;

My favourite nail polish for the winter time has to be a Barry M one of course and it’s one of their belly hi shines in the gorgeous dark plum shade. Now I know what you’re thinking, how comes it’s not the matte Barry m polish in crush and to be honest the only reason that one isn’t on here is because I mention probably all the time and it’s simply a necessity. But the belly one is growing on me, I quite like the glossy finish it looks like you’ve got them done and they last quite long.

Next would have to be a classic red. Perfect for Christmas parties and totally complimentary to the festive season. Personally I would only wear red really if I was going out somewhere festive and it went well with my outfit otherwise I don’t think it really looks nice on my hands but I love it in other people. 

Very fittingly, next I think I should talk about the sparkles. What is Christmas without sparkles. It just adds to the Christmassy vibes for the party season, I think that adding sparkles on top of any polish adds such an elegant and gorgeous touch. I’m more of a fan of the gold glitter.

A polish I’ve recently discovered which I have slowly fallen in love with is the Rimmel Kate moss polish in the shade Saturn. It’s got a gorgeous iridescent sparkle to it under certain lights which makes it stand out and the gorgeous deep colour of it makes it so fitting to the festive season.

Lastly, I have more of a simple but quite a classic colour. You can war this colour all year round and I pretty much do because I love it. White. Simple, but elegant and looks like you’ve made an effort, I think this colour is one that suits all skin tones and looks fab.

What’s your fav nail polish colour?

Love Curls & S x


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