Blogmas Day 12; Christmas Decor 2016

So. It’s the 12th of December officially halfway into the countdown to Christmas. Scary right,I feel like I only just had day one of my advent calendar yesterday. Time is flying.. So as it’s the twelfth and this is the day many people put up their tree and decor so I thought I’d share with you my decor this year.

Although I do have to admit that I don’t partake in putting up the decor on the twelfth because I just love having the decorations up so, the earlier the better. We put it up on the first of December. This year we’ve started afresh with the decorations and our theme that we went for was red, silver and white. Quite simple, quite classic and it just looks gorgeous together.

In terms of the tree, we don’t get a real one it’s a simple 6ft plain green one. I think having a plain one means you can do more to it because you do get some with pinecones and cranberries or snow on it.  The baubles were all Sainsburys, I quite like them there’s a range of white, silver and red and the baubles themselves are fairly simple but when you put them all together on the tree they just go really well together. To make the it a little bit different there is one different bauble on the tree, it’s a felt heart that says Merry Christmas on it and it goes on the centre of the tree, I think it just ties the whole thing well together. We also have the red beaded string that I feel is a classic you see it on pretty much every tree and it’s super cute. With the lights we’ve gone for silver lights just because I think they compliment the silver and white a bit better than golden lights would. In terms of the star the one we have came in the Sainsburys bundle pack alongside the baubles; a classic star but sparkly red which personally I love.

A lot of people put tinsel on the tree but after trying it we saw it quite drowned the tree and you couldn’t put as many decorations on it, so with the tinsel we wrapped it along the banister and put one along the fireplace. Candles are a defo must, everywhere and anywhere. We have a few along the fireplace and on the table. I personally prefer getting cute candle holders that you can keep putting candles into. But it isn’t complete without a festive scented candle; cinammon, gingerbread, mulled wine. Such gorgeous scents.

Also I think I should probably add just how beautiful the Christmas decor in Primark is this year. They have some quite unique decor that you wouldn’t find many other places like the rose gold decor, disney themed decor and candles in the shape of a reindeer, it’s gorgeous. One of my favs from there is the red felt table runner, a classic red colour with snowflake shapes cut out of it. Probably my most favourite piece of Christmas decor this year would have to be the red plaque that lights up and reads; have yourself a merry little christmas. Something I thought was quite unque, I’m not too sure where his was from but they best place to look would probably be the internet because I’ve never seen it in any shop.

What’s your Christmas theme this year? Do you go all out? I’d love to know!

Love Curls& S x

‘May your day be merry and bright’


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