Blogmas Day 11; Best Places For Christmas Shopping

So almost as a sequel to yesterdays post The Christmas Presents Struggle this post is going to be about my favourite stores for Christmas shopping. Of course it would depend on what you intend to buy but here’s just a small collection of my fav shops online and in store.20160825_110445

Personally I’m an in-store shopper though I do love looking online I am hesitant to actually buy anything online just due to the fear of it being too small, the wrong colour, too big and then it just becomes a hassle to return it etc. Though it can become incredibly tiring sometimes I do find it quite fun returning home emptying your bags and discovering all the things you purchased that you may have forgot about (that’s what usually happens to me)

So, in store, one of my favourite places to go is Papyrus.  I think Papyrus is a Scottish shop so you won’t find it in England but it’s general vibe is just a quirky very different shop. It has a lot of things that you wouldn’t find in your regular shop and I honestly just love everything in it. New Look and Claires I think have also been a main one for me this year in terms of what to get my secret santa they have both been really good ( I had a girl this year) Claires also had a buy 3 get 3 free deal, yes it’s a bit of a mouthful. Which meant I could get a lot more presents for my secret santa which was great.

In terms of online there’s actually quite a few shops I love looking it because they have such a huge range of things. Dotcomgiftshop is such a cute online shop with such quirky and unique things as well as notonthehighstreet which I think is quite well known about and also have a huge range of products for practically every single category imaginable.Both sites to me have super cute things that I doubt you’d be able to find in a shop.

Alternatively, of course, you could just make the present if you’re uber craftsy (which I am not) But I’ve been looking on pinterest and there’s tons of things you could make someone. Like; knitting a hat, painting a picture, writing a poem and making it look really chic. There was also a ton of Christmas card ideas, so instead of buying one you can make it looking at all of the gorgeous pictures quite inspired me but I think maybe I’ll try that one out next year.

Love Curls & S x

‘Not all those who wander are lost.’










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