Blogmas Day 10; The Christmas Presents Struggle

So, with only two more weekends to go until Christmas (including this one) we are running out of time to buy friends and family gifts and leaving it until the last minute leaves very little time for spending much thought into their gift. Here are my top tips for gift giving.

I think gift shopping can be very difficult, especially when shopping for certain people. Personally I least enjoy buying presents for teenage boys or even adult boys. I find them the most difficult to shop for, because with girls they like a lot of things like makeup,jewellery,clothes,shoes,stationary. Or anything it’s just a bit more obvious in comparison to a boy who might spend his days drifting away on digital devices.


I think they best way to choose a gift for someone is based around their interests. Incorporating what the individual loves in any shape or form into some sort of gift. I think even if it’s something that you wouldn’t regard as your typical hobby just something you know they enjoy doing. If somebody enjoys taking baths you could get them bath bombs, bubble bath or even a personalised cute towel. If they enjoy reading you could choose a book for them you’d think they like or even a bookmark.

Sometimes somebody’s hobby might not be so obvious in that case you should base it around what you usually see that person doing. If maybe they are in an important year of studying; uni, A levels, Highers. You could get them some stationary you know they would use. Matching notebooks, pens a planner to help with organisation in matching colours. Or to make it a bit more different there’s tons of notebooks you can get with quotes on them or personalise with a picture they would like seeing every day.  For an older woman you could get them something something related to their job. If they’re a teacher you could use that and get them something that says teacher on it, a pen with Mrs (their last name) on it something that relates to them and you know they would appreciate. If they don’t work then you could get them some home slippers you know they would like, a mug or a home candle they might appreciate.

If maybe that person, in your opinion doesn’t actually do much then give them a hobby for the new year. Buy them some knitting needles and wool, nail polishes, paints and a canvas. Another item a lot of people would like and would benefit them greatly during the new year especially at times of stress is a colouring book. There are some very trendy ones you can get as well, I’ve seen some that have 365 days one page for each day for you to colour there’s even some mindfulness ones that have some helpful tips about de-stressing  and calming down.

You know when you really think about the possibilities of gifts are actually endless the things you could choose a person are limitless and these could be things they might not even choose themself. If your really quite stuck with ideas pinterest is a fab way to get your creative mind going with a huge variety of gifts you could choose for a person and even some you could make yourself, like a cookie mixture in a jar, pamper hamper.

I hope you recieved some inspiration from this post and it makes gift buying that little bit easier for you!

Love Curls & S x

‘There’s beauty in everything is you take the time to see it.’


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