Blogmas Day 9; School Motivation

So, it’s that time of your where very unfortunately school is getting in the way of all of the festive fun. Boo. I mean who really wants to be doing homework when we could be wrapping presents, watching Christmas films and just enjoying the festive fun. Here are my top tips to make sure you still keep up with work but still enjoy the festive season.

Do it at school. So a lot of the time homework becomes homework because you haven’t finished it at school. So just finish it at school! I mean it’s honestly so satisfying when the teacher declares any work unfished to be completed at home but you can internally smile because you finished it already.

In the mornings it is darker, colder and you feel like you’re supposed to be in bed. How are we supposed to find the motivation to get out of bed,our warm cosy bed into the harsh, bitter cold? My advice; the quicker you do it the less painful it is. I’m one of those people who cannot instantly jump out of bed at the sound of my alarm so after my alarm I like to write, there’s these journals you can get where you write you motivation and intention for the day, alternatively you could just write whatever springs to mind or even the dream you had. I love reading back on old dreams and remembering them.

Also, something you probably must do at least for the whole month of December, is change the alarm on your phone to a Christmas tune. ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Mistletoe’. Just to fully etch the Christmas feeling into your mind if the decor, Christmas ads and festive feeling wasn’t enough.

It’s also pretty motivating having something Christmassy by your desk where you study, I’ve put a small snowman there for inspiration. But even getting a Christmassy pen could motivate you to use it and actually do some work (I think I need a Christmassy pen now)

I hope you found this post a little bit motivating for the month of December, remember work hard, play hard.

Love Curls & S x

‘Do something every day that brings you closer to your dream.’                                                          – Katrina Mayer


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