Blogmas Day 7; My Winter Makeup Essentials

So during the much colder seasons I change various aspects of my routine, including: my makeup.As opposed to the warmer months where I find myself using much more powders and  more of a stay all day foundation, in Winter I tend to steer towards the more moisturising products with much less powder because my skin usually gets much drier. I’ll start with base. The one I usually use is the Maybelline Baby Skin primer. I love this primer because it’s not dring at all and provides a smooth base for my foundation to go on to. It’s also great because in the winter months I look a bit more tired and dull and it does help to lift and brighten my skin.

In terms of foundation I love the Kiko Universal Fit foundation. It’s so moisturising and doesn’t seep into and lines on the skin. It also has really good coverage so I only need to use a little bit,I’ll set it with the smallest amount of powder and it’ll last really well throughout the day. In the winter months I also find my skin looking rather pale possibly due to the lack of sun (not that there ever is much in Scotland) So to bronze up my face a bit more I’ll mix a bit of the Maybelline BB bronze into my foundation for a bronzed look,because this is also a cream it doesn’t dry out my skin at all.

Lastly in terms of contour and highlight, something I will not give up due to the change in weather, I’ll opt for the Kiko contour creams which work really well for contour and highlight. The pigmentation of them both are also very good which means I don’t need to apply a lot. I usually don’t need to go over it or set it much but I’ll just sweep a bit of powder over it just to increase the longevity of it. I have to say though I do prefer powder bronzer and highlighter because I find them easier to blend.

I hope this post came of use to you if you were struggling what alterations to make to to  your make up routine!

Love Curls & S x

‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’


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