Blogmas Day 6; Tips For Terrible Wrappers

As the days slowly creep upon Christmas is fast approaching and presents need to be wrapped before the innocent recipient accidentally discovers it amongst the rest of the opened shopping bags…

If, like me, you’re a terrible wrapper don’ fret pet, there’s tons of things I do in attempt to make my present look a bit more chic and less like a five year old wrapped it. (no offence to any five year olds I’m sure you’re good at wrapping presents.) The first thing I will pretty much always do because it’s just so easy. Is to wrap the presents but not really paying careful attention to detail, so long as there’s paper around it and it doesn’t come off. Then; bung it in a box. A cute Christmassy box obviously.There’s loads of fab ones you can get and different sizes as well. Some people would tape the box afterwards as well to be certain it will not be open.You could also throw a bit of tissue paper and glitter in there too to make it look extra Christmassy and cute.

Of course an alternative to this,if you couldn’t find a box big enough or small enough would be to put the gift in a Christmassy gift bag then tape the top. There’s tons of cute ribbon and tags you can get as well so even if you are slightly ashamed about the presentation just put some ribbon and a sparkly gift tag on it to avert attention from the wrapping.Works a charm.

If the present is a note book or something very easy to guess after its been wrapped something I like to do is to wrap the present first in some paper so that after you wrap it it has a different shape making it much harder to guess what it is, I love doing that because if the people around you are constantly staring at the gifts to find out what it is this makes it much harder for them and they’ll never find out.

Have you wrapped all your Christmas presents yet or are you someone who’ll wait til Christmas eve to wrap them all?

Love Curls and S x

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’                                                                                                          -Mahatma Ghandi 


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