Blogmas Day 5; My Winter Essentials

As amazing as the Winter months are there is one downside to it all and that’s the effect the cold weather has on my skin. I know I’m not the only one because I have noticed a lot more people moisturising their hands around school..

I’ll start off with my complete saviour for chapped lips, something I absolutely cannot live without during winter: my carmex lip balm. It’s honestly such a great lip balm, I used to constantly bite my lips and during winter it was horribly dry but just putting a bit on in the mornings last me the whole day. It has a fab tingly feeling when you put it on which some people don’t like but I love it. I prefer the squeezy tubes as opposed to the tubs just because I don’t really like putting my finger into it and then applying, I just think the tube versions a bit easier.

In terms of my skin I don’t really tend to use a micellar water with a cotton pad just because I feel it makes my dry skin a bit worse so taking make up off Pond cold cream is great. You just rub the moisturising balm onto your face and your makeup just melts away, I remove the cream with a slightly damp cotton pad. I feel like doing this helps my skin to retain it’s moisture. I also swap my moisturiser to the Palmers Daily Calming Facial Lotion, I just feel like this one is good for acne prone skin but also doesn’t make it greasy.

Another staple item I have to incorporate into my daily routine is using baby oil as a moisturiser as opposed to a usual moisturising lotion, it’s locks in the moisture for much longer throughout the day and I also quite like the small of it. If you have dry skin this product is really good because you only really need a little bit of it and it’ll do wonders. Lastly as well as skin and lips I noticed my hair gets a lot drier especially from the ends so the Lush split end treatment Shine So Bright is great. It smells really good and helps the ends of my hair to look a bit healthier and more moisturised during these colder months.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d love to know what your winter essentials are, what can you not live without?

Love Curls and S x

‘What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.’                           – John Steinbeck


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