Blogmas Day 2; Christmas Tradition

As the days go by it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and the excitement is rising. In this extremely festive period what traditions do you have, what do you absolutely love taking part in and could not have Christmas without?


Obviously some items are just a necessity like chocolate advent calendars, because who doesn’t want an extra bit of chocolate. But what do you do to help you remember and enjoy this festive period? For a few Christmas’s now I’ve been doing secret santa and honestly it’s the most exciting thing! You can do it in your family, within a group of friends anyone. I would say that with this it is the more the merrier because when you do it within a large group it’s harder to find out who everyone has. It’s also a pretty good way to save a bit of money as you don’t have to get every individual a gift but also since you’ll only have one person you can pit much more thought and consideration into their present.

Something that I don’t personally do but I know a few people that do is having an advent calendar where, instead of eating a chocolate each day, you open a small craft activity and make something beautifully festive.I think this sort of concept works really well for young children who are totally excited for Christmas and it gives them something exciting to look forward to each day. As well as being a much healthier alternative to chocolate.

Another great idea i pondered upon (on pinterest of course)  Is an advent calendar where you simply fold a paper for each day writing the name on one of your favourite Christmas films on the and then numbering in 1- 24. Each day you’d open the corresponding piece of paper and watch the Christmas film. I love this because it reminds everyone to spend a bit of time together in this extremely busy period and you get to watch a fab Christmas every day in the run up to Christmas! The perfect way to relax in the festive period. An easier tradition I tend to do every year (one of my personal favs) is getting a huge stocking and everyone has to put some kind of food into it, sweets,chocolate, crisp, anything delicious! But you have to wait until Christmas day to open everything in the stocking.

I hope you got a bit of inspiration from this post and absolutely plunge into the festive activities. What Christmas traditions do you love taking part in? What are you most looking forward to? I’d love to know.

Lots of love S x

‘It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the year.’  

W.T Ellis



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