Simple Changes For A Healthier Lifestyle

Over the past few years we have definitely noticed a changed in peoples mindset towards healthy and fitness with more people than ever influenced by this and trying to change up their lifestyle to have the washboards abs and lean legs they see constantly scrolling down their Instagram feeds. But the cold hard truth is, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes we can find it hard to resist the temptation of eating the last chocolate biscuit or avoiding the bread on the dinner table. But to create a healthier lifestyle you can stick to, we thought we would share a few of our favourite tips.wp-1476559195695.jpg

Drink More Water

This not only discourages you from binge eating throughout the day but also works wonders for your complexion. So instead of picking up a fruit juice (which can be loaded with sugars) pop a few lemon slices or cucumber into your water bottle and gulp it down throughout the day.


Granted, exercise may not be everyone’s favourite thing to do but a 15 minute stretch session before bed or first thing in the morning may be the best way to go to increase your metabolism. Certain yoga poses also help to wake you up in the morning or even help to relax your mind before you sleep.

Walk More

If you find yourself in a job where you’re constantly sitting this will definitely have a bad impact on your body so make sure you get up every 45 minutes or so and go on a quick walk or try to fit in a few more steps by parking further away or walking to shops or around the park with a friend. Walking may not seem like much but LISS (low intensity steady state) is a great way to burn fat. It also does wonders on your mental health.

Incorporate a Veg Into Every Meal

Okay, maybe not for breakfast if you usually have a bowl of weetabix but that doesn’t stop you munching an apple after. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and everything. With lunches and dinners it is so easy to have on the side a leafy salad simply cut a cucumber, lettuce and maybe tomato and there you go. It doesn’t have to have loads of different veggies and a fancy dressing


At the end of the day, there’s so many things you can do to improve but just start off small. If you can incorporate all the little things into your daily routine and maintain it then that’s great and you’re already becoming one of those health fanatics you see on tele without knowing it! Let me know how your healthy lives go and what simple changes you’ve made.

Love Curls & S x



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