So unless you’ve been hibernating all summer you would have seen that the 25th of August and the 18th of August were extremely important days for many of the British population. Tears of happiness and tears of sadness shed and some results that will last forever. GCSE and A level results were released to the hopeful youths of tomorrow. I was one of those youths. Amongst thousands of other kids I worked for two years in 10 different GCSE subjects to be handed a paper with 10 letters of the alphabet arranged next to it which supposedly defines my intelligence in those subjects. If you were one of those people who picked up your results were you happy with what you got? Did you get what you wanted? I didn’t, I was one of those people who wept in the corner for a while. I looked at my results and the shock of it all hit me, maybe I was expecting to much of myself. But then I found out what my sister had achieved and began to cry even more.

I know. It’s so selfish of me and just stupid really. There wasn’t a huge different in the results we achieved but hers were still better than mine. I was disappointed, annoyed, angry maybe even a bit jealous.

Gcses, A levels, grades. I mean how do we become so wound up in education we let it control us, mould our thinking and understanding of the world and society. We judge people based upon their academic achivements. If someone tells you they got 10 A stars in their GCSE’s you instantly think, oh they’re clever, they’re definitely going to get a good job and own a big house. But when someone tells you they got 10 Cs or didn’t go Uni what do you think of them then.

It’s terrible how society works, forcing children to compete against their friends and believe that education is the be all and end all of their futures.Does education tell you how to be a good person, happy and positive? No. The answer to that is not hidden in a book Ask yourself what does it mean to be educated that’s so astonishing to everyone? Does it make you a better person? More special than someone else? More loved? No. It does not. It’s great to be educated of course it is, it says you were able to sit an hour forty five math exam and answer most of the questions correctly or that you were able to sit an hour history exam and recall everything perfectly. On that day. At that time. How about before that, after that, does it say anything about you?

When you open that envelope don’t think it defines who you are. Nothing written on a piece of paper could possibly sum up the great depths of you. Now, you know what I write this with slight bitterness to exams, probably because I didn’t get what I had hoped for maybe if I had got all A stars I probably wouldn’t even be writing this post and might even be writing the exact opposite. Maybe that’s why I got what I did, to make me write this post. Maybe I got what I did for another reason that is yet to prove itself.

Opening that piece of paper didn’t say you can’t get a good job, get a future and be happy. To be perfectly honest that paper is basing your academic ability in whatever subject based on what you wrote on a few sheets of paper for an hour and a bit. Whatever you got just remember, some people have to fall down in order to taste the disappointment that might make them thrive in the next challenge they face. To make them stronger, try a bit harder. There is no point staring at those few letters hating the world, your teachers or those who did better than you. Be happy for one another and celebrate whatever it is. Don’t look back, look forward. Look at the positives there’s always a bright side even though it may not seem it at that moment. Remember everyone gets what they deserve even if you might not think it. What you deserve might come to you tomorrow, next week or even next year but it will come to you. Do your best in everything that you do, that’s all you can do.

I hope everyone who collected their results were happy with what they got and are looking onwards and upwards to the future.

Love S x

‘Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid.’                                                                                                                                            – Albert Einstein



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