High Protein Diet, As A Vegan?

After a drastic move we’ve spoken about in one of previous posts which is Making Big Decisions.  I’m sure you all know we’ve had a lot of changes, one of these changes have been with my diet which had previously been pesceterian; meaning the only food that I’d removed from my diet had been meat (with the exception of fish and eggs)  and dairy due to personal preferences. Though in this move our family here don’t eat any meat at all so TheStraight & I have adapted to this. Her by becoming vegetarian and myself by adopting a vegan lifestyle.

I am aware of the controversy behind it and the increased difficulty in maintaining a high level of protein but so far it’s been going well, although I am avoiding meat and dairy it is early stages so I wouldn’t call myself a strict vegan as little slip ups remind me the importance of checking labels. But for those who are curious in adopting the vegan lifestyle but are worried about not being able to fit their protein in, I have realised it is possible and not as hard as it seems to maintain good protein. If you would like to see some of our meal ideas or a weekly meal plan let us know and we’ll be sure to write a blog post about it. But some suggestions for high protein vegan food we definitely recommend keeping in your kitchen include; pulses, beans, soya, spinach, vegan Quorn products, nuts (peanut butter/ almond butter is a definite pantry staple) amongst so much more. Also completely unrelated in terms of a high protein food: Oreos are vegan friendly! Though it does say may contain milk on the packet, this means that the factory where they’ve been manafactued also handles milk so this is written more for those with allergies and those who are extremely strict in their vegan lifestyle but a few oreos never hurt, right?

So though I have made this change, my sister is still a vegetarian , but I would love to know your views on the topic! I don’t think anyone should be criticised for their lifestyle choices as everyone has their own preferences and that’s okay, life is about acceptance not changing others.

Love Curls & S

“Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you” David McCullough Jr. 


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