This Isn’t Goodbye

So approaching April you may or may have not noticed that we have been less frequent in our posting and activity on our blog due to other commitments we must consider. due to these commitments it does mean we will be taking a short break..

We are in the second year of our GCSE’s and many of you will probably know that during this period it does require a lot concentration and focus. Thus, majority of our efforts will be pushed towards studying for our exams in the upcoming months. However on the very rare and odd occasion a post may go up, as soon as exams are over we will be back on it and constantly blogging because it’s something we just love. Our  twitters: @_TheCurly @AndTheStraight will still be in use and we will try to use our instagram: @thecurlyandthestraightas often as we can.

For any other students who are approaching their exam season whether it’s for your GCSE’s, AS or A levels we hope you all the best in the upcoming months! And during this stressful period here are a combination of some of our posts which we feel may benefit you. Just remember you can do it and no task is too big.


Love Curls & S x

“I am a slow walker,but I never walk back.”                                                                                               – Abraham Lincoln


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