Not Enough Hours During The Day?

Who else at around 8:00 finds them questioning themself about where the day has gone and exactly how much they have managed to get done that day? Or do you feel like you managed to get a bit done but not everything that you had hoped to get done? Well us too! Here are our top tips for managing your day constructively and really making the most of it. 


1.Wake Up Early. Probably the most important step for me when I Have a lot to do. If you wake up early your are giving yourself more hours during the day to use. This will also help you sleep at night because you find if you wake up at around noon, it’ll be ten o’clock but you just can’t get to sleep. Waking up early helps you stay in a routine, I don’t mean half five every day but even seven o’clock is a good time to get up.

2.Exersize. When you work out in the morning it really helps to wake you up wake your mind up and really helps you feel energized for the day ahead. Some people prefer to train later in the day which is equally as fine I just feel when I have trained in the morning I feel so much more awake, this also helps to boost your metabolism for the day!

3. Plan In Advance. The night before I always like to take about five minutes before bed to jot down all the things I intend to do the next day,whether it’s homework, ironing, dusting surfaces, sending a letter, making a phone call or any other little errands i have to do. And as i get them done I’ll tick  them off and feel slightly valiant about myself. Once everything’s ticked off, then treat yourself to a film, chocolate bar or even take away. This also helps me see how much I am managing to get done throughout the day.

4.Move The Gadgets. The number one biggest procrastination device in the world. turn your phone on aeroplane mode and hide it from your sight. Also find out what apps you keep procrastinating on are and solve the problem. For example I was one of those people who spent years scrolling through Instagram, so I unfollowed so many accounts which were constantly uploading pictures and restricted myself as to how much I should post on there. I also turned off all notifications for Youtube videos and allowed myself to check it once everything I had to do was completed. 

 5. Constantly Cleaning. This one sounds like quite a lot of effort but trust me its so much easier than scheduling three hours in the day where you clean the house top to bottom. this can be so much more tiring and time consuming. If there’s a dish in the sink, just wash it. If the clothes are dry fold them straight away and put them in your cupboard.After a while it’ll just become natural and you’ll just do t without the moaning and groaning.  So many people decide to leave it til the end of the week and will find themselves constantly thinking about it until its done so just do it! A clean room is a clean mind.

6. Sleep. This one, (probably my favourite) is for those of you who might deprive yourself of sleep to do something at 2am that you probably could’ve done at 9am. Staying up ate to do things usually entices you to sugary food which you feel will keep you awake more. But this is terrible for you. Get into a routine, of sleeping at a good time waking up early and eating the right foods. This will have you feeling much more energetic.The average person only needs 7-8 hours of sleep. The more sleep you get, the more sleep you will begin to crave and it won’t be good for you.

7. Having a Big Substantial Breakfast. (Also my favourite) If you have a large and satisfying breakfast you will find yourself snacking less in the morning and getting less distracted by what to munch on next. I like having a big bowl of porridge with a sprinkle of blueberries and chopped banana plus a dash of cinnamon. Honestly, when I sleep at night I look forward to my breakfast the next day and you should too. Find something you love and you’ll be excited to get up!  

 We hope you find these tips helpful, they definitely helped us! Let us know what your top tips are for making the most of your day. Have a gorgeous day!

Love Curls & S x

“If it’s important you’ll find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse.” 


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