Sleeks New i-Divine Palettes!

Sleek, a great, affordable an gorgeous brand have recently released two new eye-shadow palettes. Our verdict.. 

 A New Day and All Night long. Firstly, what I am beginning to understand from a lot of Sleek’s packaging is that the color on the packaging is so not representative of the actual product color. On the packaging for the ‘A New Day’ palette it looks as if there is a pinky shade however there is nothing of the sort. ‘A New Day’ definitely is what the name suggests, it includes a range of light nudes and some very glamorous glittery shades; don’t worry, silver lining and shine on. As the palette also suggest all the shade names have reference to a new day which is quite cute. My favourites include; Carpe Diem,Let It Go and Brightside. 

 In All Night Long,the shades are slightly more vibrant and eyecathing, with the exception of; Mai Tai. Which practically swatches as nothing. Aside from that,the other colours are so gorgeous and unique! Majority of them are shimmery, my favs include; Spritz, Manhattan, Champagne and Daiquiri. This palette would be amazing on a night out however we prefer more subtle colours and the palette ‘A New Day’ is definitely our fav! Both have great pigmentation, i would say the lighter colour not so much. And there is little fallout from the eyeshadows during application. At £7.99 for each palette with 12 shades it is quite a bargain. 

 Thanks for reading, let us know what Sleek products you love! Have a great day!

Love Curls & S x

“What goes around comes around.”



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