Sleeks Semi-Matte Lip VIPs

The Sleek VIP Semi-matte lipsticks. Yes, a fairly old release and we probably are quite late to this bandwagon but nonetheless we finally decided to try out the beautiful shades. And here’s what we thought.

 So Sleek released 6 new lipstick shades and we decided to purchase a mere 5 of them (strong willpower I know) The lipsticks are £5.49.  Out of the six we decided to get; Guest List, Reserved, Night spot, Flaunt It and Private Booth. Most the shades are pretty bright colours and for me not really everyday colours but that doesn’t mean they’re not gorgeous. Night Spot is the deep red colour with a slight blue undertone. It’s not a bright ordinary red lipstick it has quite a berry red touch to it. Flaunt It is probalyone of their most gorgeous colour and is the most vibrant gorgeous orangey shade. It’s super different and I haven’t really seen any lipstick similar to this shade, feel like it will definitley be a summer staple.Guest List is a gorgeous light, wearable coral shade which looks like it would suit most skin tones and go with pretty much any look. Reserved is their pinkiest shade. It’s quite a light baby pink which I probably would wear the least and just gives me a barbies feel looking at it. Lastly is my most favourite out of all of them and my new everyday staple. The light brown nude shade, it’s quite a light nude so would wash out some skin tones but I absolutely love this shade, it’s not a natural shade because it’s quite a light nude but I love it.

 The formulation of them all are pretty good.  would say they swatch a little glossier than they look when you apply it as they are quite matte on the lips.They wear fairly well throughout the day but can sometimes gather in certain places on your lips but that probably can be quickly fixed if your just rub it away. Other than that the feeling is very creamy and smooth and very comfortable on the lips. Although, the only thing I find a bit irrattaing is the packaging. The small part at the bottom which conatins th lipstick shade in that bullet I find completely false. (slight exaggeration) But if you were to pick this lipstick up defintely swatch it before you do as the packaging isn’t completely representative.Let us know if you’ve tried these lipsticks, what do you think of them? Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love Curls & S x

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