My Valentines Day Surprise… 

Happy Valentines Day! So it’s Valentine’s Day but what does that really mean? Are you going out for a candle lit dinner with your bf or gf, maybe a film, or movie night at home. Or maybe you’re like me who’ll be doing..

 The exact same thing I would do every other day.. Because yes, I am single I also don’t believe in all of the Valentine stuff because if you love someone you should show them everyday not because the date told you too. However I think it is a good reminder as to all the people you have in your life to be grateful for as it is something we can quickly forget on a day to day basis. It’s a nice reminder to appreciate all the people in your life, not to just your partner but family, friends anyone who you are happy to have in your life.

Today, I will try to get some work done,  clean, cook . But I will try to remember to appreciate all the special people in my life with a small friendly gesture whether it’s a text, small gift or flowers. I will not however be going all out because that sort of thing I think should already be a monthly, maybe weekly occurrence. If that may be what you have planned I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I hope you have a great time! I just don’t feel pressured to spend the day a particular way. There’s no point in trying to force a relationship with someone just because you feel the need to for Valentines Day. You’re better off spending it with someone you truly appreciate.

Hope you all have a fab day, just like any other day.

Love S x

‘Promise me you’ll always remember, you’re braver then you believe, sronger than you seem and smarter than you think.’                                                                                                                                                  – Christopher Robin to Pooh


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