Healthy Guide to Snacking.

When someone says snack do you instantly think ‘packet of crisps’, ‘chocolate bar’ or ‘pack of biscuits’. Here’s our top snacks that are healthy and won’t leave you feeling guilty afterwards


Nuts. Of any sort is a great source of healthy fats and protein and they also taste amazing.My favourites are pistachios and almonds. Almonds are also very high in vitamin E which is great for the skins condition and appearance.Another good type of nut is walnuts as they are antioxidants which means it helps fight against cancer, it also a great source of omega 3 if you don’t eat a lot of fish then this is a good omega 3 substitute.

If you are one of those people who find yourself constantly snacking even after breakfast then maybe just cereal isn’t enough for you and a good way to boost your cereal nutrients is by adding an omega 3 sprinkle. It makes the meal much more filling and adds great flavour. It is recommended that your breakfast should consist of at least 6 grams of protein and 350-500 calories for an average person.


One of my favourite snacks have to be these little Ryvita crisp breads. They come in a variety of formulas which each have a different taste I love all of them. I tend to eat these by themselves but if you want a more filling snack you could always put a light spread on top such as a cream cheese topped with smoked salmon or an avacado spread. Just make sure you don’t get rid of the nutritional value by topping it with a spread full of sugars. Lastly, they say that if you’re hungry but don’t want an apple then you’re no that hungry. Basically, if you’re hungry opt for the healthy snack and if not then just wait til your next meal.

I hope you found this a very insightful post which will inspire you to snack healthily from now on. Let us now what posts you would like to see next.Hope you all have a great day!

Love Curls&S x

“Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.”                                                                                  -Dr Seuss


3 thoughts on “Healthy Guide to Snacking.

  1. Hey! I was nodding along with your post, yep crisps are my guilty pleasure! I have recently been trying to eat healthier snacks too, like nuts and fruit mix, as well as these roasted soya beans. It always seems to be a novelty, so I need motivation for it haha! Love the quote you used to sign off too by the way 🙂 xxx

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