To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

It is Friday. But does it matter? is that really your excuse for having another drink, buying a chocolate bar or the midnight snack. Why do we feel we need an excuse to eat something unhealthy. Just do it. Right?

We have become so easily influenced by what people around us eat, and what people eat on tv and looking like a supermodel with a stomach as flat as paper, At the end of the day we should just be us and do what makes us happy and if that means eating a chocolate bar in front of a friend who doesn’t even look at sugar then just do it! If the people who you are hanging around with keep judging every morsel which passes your lips then they’re not really your friend. Give your judgement/opinion, yes. But do not step over the line as to criticize there every bite and impose your healthy organic views on them. You can’t force every one to live the same life style as you, people need to be themselves and eat what makes them happy because life’s to short to think at the end that you lived a certain way because of a ‘friend.’ Why do we feel we need to make up poor excuses for eating things we enjoy.

We indulged in some ‘fruity’ crepes this week. It was delicious. 

However, with that being said we must bear in mind that our body is a temple we only have one and shouldn’t mistreat with drugs, alcohol. So enjoy it, but remember everything leaves an imprint. Such as with life, do things that make you happy of course! but not things that will leave a negative imprint on the rest of your life. You do you and be what makes you happy, eat what makes you happy, do what makes you happy! Not what someone forced you to.’I feel like we become so heavily influenced by other people we forget who we are. This weekend make it a great one. Make it a memorable one. Enjoy it and the rest of your days because life is too short to live it boring and as a shadow of someone else’s imposed opinions. Live the rest of your life with a positive mindset, and just a ‘happy’ attitude. Whatever that means to you.

I hope this post was a nice read for you all and a friendly reminder for you all to be yourself. Have a fab day! let us know your thoughts and opinions on this post and any concerns you may have.

Love Curls & S

“Those who mind don’t matter. and those who matter don’t mind.”                                                                – Bernard M. Baruch 


3 thoughts on “To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

  1. Loved the post. In a world were everyone seems to be judgmental and people only have the courage to post their “super fit and healthy” habits, you did something different and praised how important it is to make yourself happy (as long as you’re not hurting yourself). Great post, girls! 🙂

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