T25; An Experience

Guess what guys?! It’s 2016!! *woop* now, we all now that this means New Year Resolutions and many of us opt for the ‘fitness’ pathway in the new Year and we also know that we usually stick to this for about a month if we’re luck and then by Feb 15 we binge out on all the Valentines chocolates which gave gone half price.. But not this year!t25 1

We’ve recently discovered a new workout routine called ‘T25’ you’ve probably heard of it. It’s quite a well known workout programme up there with ‘Insanity.’ It’s created by Shaun T who is extremely motivational and a great fitness enthusiast. The programme is called T25 because it consists of a 25 minute workout Monday – Friday with a rest day on Saturday and stretching on Sunday. For ten weeks. The first five weeks are classed as the ‘alpha’ stage which supposedly easier and prepares you for the ‘Beta’ stage. If you are already quite heavily involved in training and after watching an Alpha workout decide it is too easy for you, you could just do the ‘Beta’ stage twice through and vice versa, if you quite the opposite and don’t own a pair of trainers then you might want to stick to the ‘Alpha’ stage twice through.t25 2.png

The videos include four other people as well as Shaun T doing the workout, Tanya, the woman on the right usually does the low impact routine, which is for those with joint problems as some of the movements can cause a lot of strain on your joints, you can also follow her if you just get a bit tired. It requires hard work and dedication but the results are essentially there if you focus in the 25 minutes. It is focus interval training (FIT) 25 minutes of pure intensity with no rest and should scorch body fat and sculpt muscle. They also do mention that what you eat during the ten week span will affect your results, if you haven’t already heard the sayings; ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and roughly 20% of your size is determined by your training and the other 80% is determined by what you eat.

t25 3

‘There isn’t a more efficient workout around’ as described by Shaun T himself. The Curly and I will both be completing this workout programme and keeping you updated weekly on how we are going so look out for that post. Let us know if you have any questions about this programme or if you have already tried it. Have a great day!

Love Curls & S x


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