The Secret To a Good Nights Sleep

If you’re like us you may have trouble falling asleep at night and after being tucked up in bed begin to think and daydream about how ideal you want your life to be…

Then BOOM! it’s half past four and you have to wake up in two hours so you decide to stay awake. And have had potentially about 15 minutes of sleep, well here’s our secret to help you sleep at night.

 So the first secret we recently discovered when reading some articles and its quite a strange one which is essentially just a breathing technique. 4-7-8 Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold it for eight seconds and release through your mouth for eight seconds. I’m not too sure how it works but it really does! You feel so much more rested and relaxed after you’ve done this breathing excersize for a few minutes.

Next is to stay away from the phone. And the laptop, ipod, tablet etc.. When you’re holding an electronic device with quite a bright light close to your face you begin to produce less melatonin which is the sleep hormone, if you like. Holding a bright screen in front of your face lowers the amount of melatonin you produce.

Also having sugary food before bed will increase your blood sugar levels and you will feel less tired. My cut off point is six o’clock for sugary foods as it is also harder to burn the sugar off during the evening when you are generally less active so this could be making you put on weight. This is why it is recommended that dinner should be your smallest meal of the day and shouldn’t consist of foods which are hard to digest. Likewise with coffee, your last cup should be around four o’clock, unless you have decaf of course. (Ha! who drinks decaf!?)

 Next would be to participate in some light stretching to get rid of the days stresses and just relax the mind. Yoga is great for this, now I’m not a top class yogini but i do love the childs pose and there are  quite a few yoga poses out there which doesn’t require gymnastic flexibility. Lastly I recommend lighting a candle. It’s a great way to have a bit of brightness in the room with the use of artificial light which can also decrease melatonin produced. A candle is a subtle form of natural light which also scents the room with aromatic flavours. Lavender and vanilla are some great evening scents.

Let us know if any of this helps those of you who struggle to sleep and what your top tips are. Have a great day!

“I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.”                                                                                 – Steven Wright

Love Curls & S x



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