A Note To Self

It’s the beginning of January 2016, and who knows what that means?Absolutely nothing, we probably go back to work, school, back to our normal lives. Often times we struggle to find the inspiration to keep us going. This, is a little note to self for you all that will motivate you and help you keep going.

What is your goal? You have a goal, and if not then think of one. If your at school its likely your goal is ‘get good grades’ reach your target by Spring’ or ‘ pass your GCSE’s’ if you’re at work it might be to ‘get the promotion’, ‘get on well with your colleagues’ or even ‘getting your first job’ is quite a special moment. Your goal could even be just to ‘stay happy’, ‘be more forgiving’ something that affects you and will help you to become a better person and achieve what you want to achieve. A goal helps to tell you what point you may be in achieving this goal.

Focus on yourself. This is definitely something I am guilty of not doing. You get so  caught up in other peoples social lives that you forget to live your own. Social media is definitely beginning to take over the planet and often times it has a detrimental affect on our health. Limit yourself on your social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. I feel that in this day an age we have come to the point where if you do not photograph the moment, it is not important and special. Photographing the moment to keep the image on your phone for a few months until it ends up on the laptop never looked at again or printed and placed in a cheap sparkly photo album to gather dust. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to photograph and capture the moment but remember to live it first! Breathe in the moment and your heart will never forget it.

The most important concept to learn and to trust. Now some of you might not believe in this and that’s fine, but the concept is likely to play slight part in your life when you least expect it. Karma. What goes around comes around. How you treat other people and the acts you commit will determine how you will be treated by people and the situations you will be put in. Just remember that every word you say will affect people in different ways, you might find yourself in the position someone else was in when they were asking you for help. All things to take into account when you carry on with your daily life. Treat someone how you would like to be treated.

Hope this post put some good thoughts into your mind and helped you to think that every good deed you commit will not go un-noticed, whether it be in the long run or the short run, Good things come to those who wait, so be patient and honest and good. Thanks so much for reading.

“If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”         -Boonaa Mohammed

Love Curls & S x

P.S Something new we would like to start including in our blogposts from now on is ending with a quote we love.


10 thoughts on “A Note To Self

  1. Hi
    I like your intro: “Do you know what that means?” Absolutely nothing! Too funny.
    I met you on Danny Ray’s site. Congratulations on being his featured blogger! I was his featured blogger too! Perhaps you’ll check out my blog especially if you could use a blogging tip or two; that what I blog about.

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