Blogmas Day 24; The Truth of Blogmas 

It’s Christmas tomorrow! Since it’s Christmas eve we thought todays post should be a bit more of a touching one. So as you could probably tell this is our first ever Blogmas since we started blogging near the  beginning of June. The decision to participate in Blogmas was definitely an impulse one as we decided to do it on the first of December. With no planning, thinking or anything about how this would go we just thought ‘why not?’IMG_0208-0

Blogmas has actually gone by so quickly! It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner… Well,tomorrow. So how has it gone? Great. Absolutely wonderful. We’ve loved every single post that’s gone up and enjoyed taking the pictures for them too.  Obviously it was not easy as we had no backbone for our posts and decided on them practically the night or a few nights before. Probably halfway through Blogmas we participated in a twitter chat surrounding the concept of Blogmas and found out that we were the only bloggers who had not pre-planned our posts, in fact some bloggers had written their posts months in advance! Well to be fair we wrote this post on the 21st so brownie points for us!

 Our knowledge of Blogmas before participating was just that it was putting up a post every single day in the run up to Christmas. Sounds very exciting yes and it is but due to  the lack of time we were sometimes  unable to proof read our writing properly before it went up and it was the next day that we read through it we realised there were some mistakes within the writng of some of our posts! Of course this didn’t happen all the time only when we had forgotten and decided to stay up all night half awake righting a post stay up all night half awake deciding to write a post. That mistake was totally intentional guys, it is broad daylight and I am completely awake writing this post with a black coffee just wanted to see if you’d notice.  Anyway,another mistake which also occured maybe once or twice was that we would schedule the post for 7 AM the following day and it would be halfway through the day until we’d realise that the post was scheduled for 7 in the evening! The lesson to learn from that is that AM and PM are incredibly important.

 But overall, our first Blogmas has been such a great experience and definitely something we will be doing again. Thanks to all of you who have joined us on our Blogmas journey and if you’re a blogger who wanted to take part in Blogmas but was a bit confused comment your questions and we’ll tell you anything you want to know. We hoped you all enjoyed reading our posts and can’t wait until Christmas. What was your favourite post from Blogmas? We’d love to know! We hope you all have a very merry Christmas, love you all!

Love Curls & S x

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