Blogmas Day 23; Festive Nails

Obviously it is a must for Christmas to have some sort of festive nails. We’ve included two options for you here one slightly more messier and another for those who want Christmas nails in a rush.

We’ll start with the messier one; all you need is a burgundy nail polish. we’ve gone for a Barry M nail paint in ‘Red Wine’ and some corresponding loose glitter plus a small nail fan brush. This is quite easy and not as time consuming as it seems. You apply the first coat of the nail polish and let that dry (though depending on hoe opaque you want the finish you may choose to do more coats). You then apply the last coat of nail polish and whilst it is still wet grab the fan brush and dip it into the glitter tapping off the excess then tapping your desired amount sightly more concentrated at the root of the nail so it had a slight gradient finish to going up the nail. On the index finger we decided to make it stand out a bit more by covering majority of the nail in glitter. You can of course adapt the amount of glitter to your preference. We think glitter is just such a festive touch to jazz up any look. Warning: if you hate removing nail polish you will hate removing this as glitter is just so hard to take off.

The next nail idea we have is a much quicker idea as you don’t have to wait for the nail polish to dry. It is simply applying Christmas themed fake nails. The ones we have gone for our elegant Touch ones which are a dark blue color and have snowy themed pictures on them. Fake nails are so easy to use you can use the nail stickers which they include in there or use nail glue to make them last a bit longer. As you can see this is much easier than the first option and better for those of you who just don’t have that much time on your hands.

Whats your favorite festive nail look?

Love Curls & S x

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