Blogmas Day 22; A/W essentials

This is probably quite a late post but better late than never, right? Well sinnce our A/W has been building over quite a few weeks we never knew what would be the right time to post it without forgeting to add a couple of our favourites but we think we have finally perfected it.

Our first must have item must be something that we all have in our wardrobes by now and is black ankle boots. Such a complimentary fashion item. Goes with any outfit and adds a bit of height which is great if your short like us. The ones we chose have a gold zipper detail and are from Deichman they are great quality and quite comfortable. The next item we have is from New Look and is a burgundy skater skirt. Burgundy is the most appropriate colour for fall and on this skirt just looks great, it’s a simple fashion piece that can be styled up with a leather jacket and gold ring or styled down with a baggy jumper. 

 Scarves and rings. So appropriate for Winter, if you’re one of those people constantly tugging at theirs sleeves covering half of your hands because of the frosty cold weather, like me, then bracelets and watches are a bit pointless because noone can see them which is why I tend to opt for rings. I prefer silver rings as opposed to gold as i just feel it compliments my hands a bit more but both are equally as nice. Scares are also fab because they actually keep you so warm! Its also a great way of layering your outfit and adding a bit more texture to your outfit. 

  The next item isn’t really an item but more of a theme and that theme is ‘fur’ any colour, on anything it just adds class to your outfit and elegance. The furry items which are my wardrobe staple are this fur hat and fur collar , they’re both so warm and are both from New Look. Lastly is probably my most favourite fashion piece of the season is this gorgeous coat from Topshop, it’s quite a smart and formal coat which makes every outfit look effortlessly chique. The colour, style, fit everything about this coat is absolutely perfect! The only thing maybe not so perfect is that everything form Topshop tends to be quite expensive but hopefully this will last me a long while.

What are your Winter essentials? Have we missed anything out? We can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner! Look below for all our Blogmas posts just in case you’ve missed one out. Have a great day.

Love Curls & S x


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 22; A/W essentials

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