Blogmas Day 19; A ‘Simple’ Skincare Routine

Officially less than a week til Christmas! who else is super excited? For today’s Blogmas post we decided to share with your one of our most ‘Simple’ skincare routines we use this Winter on our lazy days (basically every day).

  This routine consists of only four different products and if you still haven’t gathered from the pun in the title all products are from the skincare brand ‘Simple’ a brand we both love( not sponsored). In this routine we start off the day with a blackhead eliminating facial scrub which isn’t too harsh on the skin so we choose to use a small amount of this every morning, It’s exfoliating without being too rough on the skin so perfect to scrub away the dead skin cells. We will then go on to moisturize with the Simple protecting moisturizer with SPF 15 because although the sun isn’t out as much in these Winter months it is still pretty important to have some SPF in your skincare routine to protect your skin. We find using a moisturizer with SPF is the easiest way to include it in our skincare routine. It is also not too greasy on the skin and can be absorbed fairly quickly.

 At the end of the day to remove our makeup on a lazy day we will throw some of the Simple Micellar Water on a cotton round and wipe away all of our makeup. It can remove quite a lot of base makeup with one pad but probably isn’t the best for heavy eye makeup. But as we do not do much eye makeup day to day this is perfect for us. After washing and moisturizing our face in the evening we love using this Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll On which is fab, it has quite an intense cooling effect under the eyes . We know a lot of people insist on using an eye cream twice a day but we feel at a young age it isn’t necessary. Using an eye cream everyday makes your eyes reliant on an eye cream and sometimes accentuates your under eye bags. But this one is quite a nice calming and soothing one for those who just can’t stop themselves.

 What do you tend to use in your simple skincare routine?

Love Curls & S x

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