Blogmas Day 18;Gift Ideas For Non-Beauty Lovers

Finding what to get for every individual can be a challenging task, especially those who have fewer interests and are not easily pleased with makeup. So for that reason we though it might be useful for some of you out there who are still scratching their heads thinking of what to get a woman in their life by sharing with you a few gift ideas we’re sure they’ll love. 

 The first and probably our favorite are candles. These are simple yet hold a lot of thought as it’s all about choosing the right scent that someone will love. Our favorite at the moment is the Cinammon Maple one from Primark which has such a sweet scent we adore. You can also pick up candles that are already boxed to save the hassle when wrapping. If you feel as though the candle is a bit plain on it’s own pair it with a few rings or a nice necklace. The necklace below is from H. Samuel and is a lovely locket to which you can add a sentimental photo of your loved one. This is something every girl will definitely appreciate. 

 If they’re not extremely close to you, cute pieces of stationery are always a good option. H&M and New Look do some lovely pieces.They also do really nice little pieces of homeware such as candle holders and photo frames and are mostly under a tenner, we would definitely recommend looking there if you haven’t. Other pieces we think are quite simple yet very nice for a female in your life is a warm scarf as this is also practical  and something we’re sure she’ll use as the months get colder, along with a simple clutch we picked up from Forever 21. 

 What would you buy for the non-beauty lover in your life?

Love Curls & S x


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 18;Gift Ideas For Non-Beauty Lovers

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