Blogmas Day 17; Blogmas Burnout

As we are officially two thirds of the way into Blogmas, we’re sure some of you must be thinking; what on earth am I mean to write about now? As writing new content for 24 consecutive days is not an easy task.(especially if you’re bloggers like us who planned to do Blogmas at the end of November) So to help you get the creative juices flowing for the remainder of the festive period, we thought we’d share a few post ideas for if you’re a bit stuck. We’ve also linked some that we’ve done ourselves for more inspiration. 

  1. Gift Guides Mens Gift Guide
  2. Winter Skincare Essentials Winter Skincare Picks
  3. Favorite Ways To Spend A Winters Day Winter Day Ideas
  4. Christmas Wrapping Ideas Gift Wrapping Essentials
  5. Winter Lip Colors 4 New Lip
  6. Christmas Baking Ideas
  7. Stocking Fillers Beauty Stocking Fillers
  8. Where to Go for Christmas Shopping Best Places to Christmas Shop
  9. Christmas Haul Kiko Haul
  10. Beauty Favorites of the Year November Favorites
  11. 5 Things for Winter Winter Picks
  12. Pamper Evening Routine
  13. Winter Skincare Routine
  14. Favorite Winter Nail Polishes
  15. Favorite Lush Christmas Picks
  16. Winter Shower Essentials
  17. Favorite Winter Candle Scents
  18. Winter Haircare Routine
  19. Festive Makeup Routine
  20. Winter Makeup Picks Winter Budget Bases

But if you feel as though the ongoing writing becomes overwhelming don’t worry. No one will judge you for skipping a day or two! Remember don’t force it. Blogging should feel fun and not like a chore. We hope you h enjoy the rest of Blogmas!

Love Curls & S x


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 17; Blogmas Burnout

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