Blogmas Day 16; Affordable/Simple Gift Ideas

So it is officially day 16 of Blogmas. Now, at this stage in December you may be one of those incredibly organised people who have already wrapped their Christmas presents and currently has their feet up with a mince pie in their hand. Or you could be one of those people who possibly enjoy running around snatching the gifts of of shelves last minute whilst frantic shoppers jump in your way grabbing the last gift set that isn’t ruined, damn. But, if you are one of those people still looking for gifts we thought we would share with you 3 of our favorites.

Idea number one is one of our favorites and it is a simple pamper box. You can get whatever box you own and just throw some pamper pieces in such as; hand cream, bath bombs, face masks, lip balms, shower creams etc. we decided to color theme ours with pinkish products: a face mask from Superdrug, a Body Shop hand cream and this adorable bath bomb from a cute little shop in Yorkshire, it smells delicious! To fill up the empty space in the box you can just put some tissue paper or confetti to make it look especially cute. Then wrap the box and add some ribbon to match. You can personalise this gift to suit anyone by changing what’s inside. A baking one, beauty one or even jewelry one.

Next up we have a really simple and quite a formal gift you might choose to give to someone like a neighbor, teacher or someone you don’t know too well. It is a chocolate box paired with a small candle.  A chocolate box is such a great idea when you don’t know what to give someone because, who doesn’t like chocolate?The last gift idea we have is a jewelry one where we bought a gorgeous necklace with a dainty little daisy on the end and placed into a satin drawstring purse,which has little strings at the to keep it closed. You can get any sort of purse like this and pit anything in there, lipstick, rings, earrings..

 I hope this helped those of you who may be a bit like us and not yet fully planned what Christmas presents you will be gifting to people. What would you like to receive this Christmas?

Love Curls & S x


7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 16; Affordable/Simple Gift Ideas

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