Blogmas Day 15; Stocking Fillers For Men

So we were looking back on our previous Blogmas posts and realised we haven’t done much for men. This post will have affordable stocking filler ideas aimed towards men.  


We realise men are definitely not the easiest people to shop for, I mean what really are you meant to get them? With women you can get; makeup, clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, bath stuff, nail polish.. The list is endless! But for men it’s not as ‘fun’. Here’s what we would put inside their stocking: Shower gels. Men usually tend to be very quick in the shower and don’t really pamper themselves, a shower gel is good because it is an essential item in any person outine which they are bound to use. We picked up a Nivea and Lynx one which we thought had the nicest scent.  

 Next we have a Lynx deodorant, what man does not need a Lynx deodorant. Again, it’s something they will always use and some of them have really nice scents. We really like ‘peace’ partially because of the name and cute symbol they included on the side. Other great ones include; Africa and Chocolate. The last item we picked up is an all round face, hand and body cream. It comes in a cute on the container and has men written in big writing so they don’t get confused. It’s small and good for those men who are constantly travelling and finding thmeselves asking women for a hand cream. 

 Let us know if this post helped you if you are stuck on stocking filler ideas for men, are there any products we may have missed out? Hope you all have a great day!

Love Curls & S x


6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 15; Stocking Fillers For Men

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