Blogmas Day 12; Barry M Primer and Highlight Review

Blogmas day 11! This is quite a belated post but we still wanted to share with you are thoughts on some of the new (well, now old) Barry M makeup launches. From this range I was drawn to pretty much everything, I just picked up the highlighter and one of the new primers. Boy was I glad I picked them up..

 The primer, the primer I decided to pick up was the green primer which is the anti redness one. It may look quite scary at first but absolutely leaves no green residue on your skin at all. I don’t really suffer with a lot of redness so I really don’t know whyI picked up this primer but I absolutely love it. It’s quite a runny formula but glides on top of the skin beautifully. It minimises pores slightly and gets rid of all the redness that I have and evens my skin tone quite well. It’s a really moisturising formula which last all day. I would recommend this primer for anyone who suffers with redness or even if you don’t or do from time to time I would still recommend picking this up! It’s a good bargain at £5.99 and has a lot of product in there. Love this primer. They also have a brightening one which I believe is purple and an original one which is white, I may have to try them both.

 Another thing I picked up from their new collection is their liquid highlighter. I do t usually use liquid highlighters as I just find powder ones eAsier to use but I really am enjoying this one. They only have one shade in this but I do think it is a shade that will suit all. It’s a luminous golden shade. I apply it after my powder because I find that if I apply it underneath the powder will cancel out all its luminosity and you won’t really be able to notice it. I find it still applies lovely on top of my powder and put it on the tops of my cheekbones, cuspids bow, eyebrows and a little on my nose. I think this product could also brushed before foundation all over the face for a luminous look and it won’t be too much.  I apply it with my fingers no it blends really well. However, the only thing that annoys me a little bit about this product is the pump, it just dispenses so much product in one go and that just upsets me because a lot of it will have to go to waste. That aside, it has become my new favourite highlighter.

I hope you all enjoyed reading what I though of some of the new Barry M products, let me know what you think if their new range. New has anyone tried their super slick satin lip paints? They look absolutely gorgeous and I’m thinking of giving them a go. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love Curls&S x


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12; Barry M Primer and Highlight Review

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