Blogmas Day 11; Beauty Stocking Fillers

So this post is about the best beauty stocking fillers to purchase for a beauty lover (in our opinion). They are all affordable and definitely something we will be gifting to friends.


 Nail polish.You just cannot go wrong with a nail polish. Any, absolutely any.Though preferably the darker Autumnal colours and not the bright pinks. The’re a great size and very affordable to just throw in a stocking. Mascara is also a pretty cool stocking filler especially this Loreal Double Extension one which is quite cool as it has two sides to it, perfect for those who love long lashes and want to try something new and different!

Next up for you we have The ‘Wahlondon’ fake nails. They do a range of gorgeous designs suitable for all types of personalities. The ones below are more of an outgoing nail for the one who wants to stand out. Also, how could we not include one lip item! I mean, any lip product; balm, stick, gloss etc. is something we would deem ideal for the stocking. One of our favourite lip product sis the Rimmel Apocolips. They are SO pigmented and apply smoothly and last quite a long while. This matte dark red one is perf for Winter. Lastly, this isn’t really just one item in particularbut a whole brand. MUA. They have super affordable products ranging form £1 upwards and most of them are fairly good quality such as the blushes, lipsticks and highlighters (the highlighters are stunning) however I wouldn’t really go for the concealers and foundations,Let us know your beauty stocking filler essentials are. Also stay updated with our Blogmas posts just in case you missed any I will link them below. Have a wonderful day!

Love Curls & S x

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6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11; Beauty Stocking Fillers

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