Blogmas Day 9; Best Places For Christmas Shopping

If, like us you are yet to purchase a Christmas present for some of your loved ones we can only assume the holiday festivities have taken over so you haven’t had a chance to go shopping. But to make the dreaded shopping trip a bit easier, we thought we’d compile a guide of the best places to shop with gifts to suit the most difficult people.

 The Younger Teenage Girl

As the one who just starts developing an interest in things such as hair beauty and fashion, Claire’s is your best bet. With a variety of gifts they are just mature enough with being too mature for a young teenager.

 The Older Teenage Girl

They are probably slightly easier to shop for in terms of what to get but their sense of style can prove to create a fuss as they are all very different but Topshop is most likely the safest place to go. If you can’t pick something out for her we’re sure their gift cards will make her day.

 The Makeup Obsessed

AKA us. Superdrug and Boots both have an amazing range of already packaged gifts to choose from which should make it easier to decide on which to pick up. Also if you’re just looking for something little some of the Boots stocking filler are definitely worth picking up.

 The Awkward Person

We all love them, but honestly, shopping for them is probably the hardest task ever. As someone with no clear interest as to what they really like Tiger is the way to go. As a Danish store their products are all of good quality and really affordable. They have a great range of quirky gift ideas to suit everyone, from cute notebooks to mugs that stir themselves (both things we’ve already picked up!). If you’ve never gone into a Tiger store we would definitely recommend popping in the next time you pass one but a quick warning, you may find yourself spending a lot of time looking at some of their quirky gifts.

What are your favorite stores for doing your Christmas shopping?

Love Curls & S x


6 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 9; Best Places For Christmas Shopping

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