Blogmas Day 6; Kiko haul

Now, if you’ve been following our blog for a while it’s probably become very apparent that The Curly&I are extreme shopaholics. But hey ho we all have a hobby and ours is shopping, and on Friday the 27th of November as you all probably know it was Black Friday. On this Black Friday Kiko decided to do a ‘buy three get three free’ (easier typed the said) here are the results..     


So, due to the offer Curly and I decided to get 6 things each. We bought 3 foundations, as you do, a lighter shade, darker shade and a skin colour shade. These are meant to be quite moisturising so I figured it would sit better on my skin in the winter months, I would also highlight with the lighter and darker shades. I also decided to pick up a full coverage concealer for under the eyes which looks like a good colour and the consistency is fairly creamy, there’s also a little mirror in there which comes in handy on travel. The last base related product we picked up was a make up fixer spray. It comes out as a continuous spray and is recommended to be used as a primer. 

 Funnily enough we also decided to pick up three highlighters, there were only two shades a gold and rosie one. We picked up two of the same shades one as a gift for someone who we hope isn’t reading this right now.. We picked up a lipstick from the Intensely Lavish collection in a dark plummy shade and a cream lipstick which isn’t from any of their collections. This product is in the coolest packaging I have ever seen  , it is hard to describe but if you haven’t already seen it I would deep recommend the next time you’re in there to just check it out. The next lip thing we bought is one of their smart lip liners with a ‘smart’ tip on the end to make you lip liner a bit more precise. The last item of this never ending haul is one of their cream blushes in a quite a dark shade.  

 I hope you enjoyed reading the day 6 of our Blogmas posts and let us know if you’d like a more in depth review of any of the products, and what would you like to see next? Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day! 

Love Curls & S x 


9 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6; Kiko haul

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