Blogmas Day Five; Cheap & Cheerful Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

Okay, so can we just start by saying, who else wishes there was a dry cleaning service for brushes? I’me sure it’s not just us. But anyway, until the brush cleaning service comes out it seems we’ll have to continue washing them ourselves. But to ease the burden on your hands (and purse) we decided to share a cheap and cheerful way we like to clear our brushes. Wanna know what it is?IMG_20151204_204606

Baby shampoo. That’s it. Sounds really simple and slightly worrying we know. But after using may different products we have found that baby shampoo is the quickest way to clean our brushes. Only a small amount is needed, dependent on the brush, and you can either swirl it on the back of your hand or, as we like to do, use an exfoliating mitt to remove the makeup. First it’s best to dampen the brush with lukewarm water before washing and then gently squeezing the hairs before you leave them to dry. Also we found the best way to keep the brushes when they’re drying is almost vertical, so the water doesn’t get into the brush where it will loosen the glue. Whilst they dry it’s better to shape the bristles so they dry in the right shape. Depending on how often you use your brushes and what you use it for you may want to change how often you wash them. We find that it’s best to wash ours usually every 2-4 weeks so brushes for foundation we would wash more often than an eye shadow brush.IMG_20151204_205112

This is a great method for your beauty blender or makeup sponge too, have you tried it? We would love to know what you think of using baby shampoo to wash your brushes.

Love Curls & S x


12 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Five; Cheap & Cheerful Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

  1. 1) I love cleaning my makeup brushes, maybe I should start a dry cleaning service 😉 I find it really relaxing…don’t ask me why aha! and 2) I’ve always used baby shampoo, the Johnson’s one to be exact and it works wonders. I would never pay the price of some of the makeup companies “special” makeup brush cleaner!

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