Blogmas Day Four; November Beauty Favs

You may or may not agree but I think that makeup trends around Autumn Winter time are so much more fun and exciting and adventurous thanthe Spring  and Summer  time. So we thought it’d be a good idea to show you all what our favourite makeup items are during the winter months. 


During the colder months makeup tends to stay to my face  much longer as opposed to the summer months therefore I take advantage of this and go for quite a flawless base, to achieve this I tend to use the Collection lasting perfection concealer.  Now you’ve probably heard beauty bloggers go on about this product non-stop and if you haven’t, where have you been!? It’s great coverage, very affordable, nice consistency what else can i say? Just wish they had more shades as opposed to the four  they currently  have. Also During the Winter months we  love a really intense highlight and often (not all the time , only special occasions )will double up with the Rimmel Good to Glow liquid highlighter and the Collection shimmer brick in Bronze which are also extrememly affordable. I love both of these products as  they add such an illuminating  glow to your face. As with most liquid highlighters I find you need more time to makeit look  great as you need  to build it up just enough and make sure to blend it out, i usually use  my fingers and it is often quite a messy process which is why i will use the Rimmel  highlighter on days when i might have a bit more time. The Collection one is just absolutely stunning, just one swipe is all you need (though I always use a lot more) its one of my favourite highlightrs and looks absolutely gorgeous in the packaging. 

 Also when you think Autumn makeup you instantly think  of a dark lip  so it would be a sin for us not to include a dark lip. The one we are loving at the moment is the Maybelline Color Drama pencil in Berry Much the formulation of these pencils are just great, its creamy, not too drying and leaves a satiny/ matte finish on your lips.They also extremely opaque  which is great. The color is not too dark but dark enough, and has a gorgeous mixture of plum and berry tones, such a complimentary colour for Autumn/Winter. If you’re one of those people who are quite scared with trying a super dark lip for winter you could just dab this on and blend it out to your preference and it would last practically all day. Lastly, we have includeda mascara the Barry M Showgirl Mascara, the volume sing one. During the colder days, maybe this is strange, but my eyestend to   water with the freezing cold wind blowing at them and this can sometimes make my mascara run and smudge? this one I find is a very natural one which hardly runs and can stay put all day . I also adore the pink metallic packaging, so cute! 

 Let me know what your beauty staples  for the Autumn/Winter months are. Do you love any of the products we love? Also what makeup items have you put on your Christmas wishlist? I know  we have tons of makeup on our Christmas wishlist but I guess that’ll beforanother post.. until then have great, wonderful and productive day!

Love Curls & S x


10 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Four; November Beauty Favs

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