Blogmas Day Three; 4 New Lip

‘Tis the season for berry lips and glamorous eyes. So what do we do? Buy four new nude/pink lip products that are completely unrelated to the current season of course. As you do.

The first one we picked up in our little rummage through the drugstore is the L’Oreal lipstick in the shade 303, this is the fairest of the four and probably would not suit all skin tones. it has a moisturizing finish and leaves a nice shimmer on the lips, recently we’ve been wearing this on top of other lipsticks, but it is a lovely one that requires minimal touch up throughout the day. 

Another lip color we picked up that is more of a tint is the Sleek Candy Lip Tint in the shade Bon Bon. This also has a glitter running through it but it translates to a nice shimmer effect on the lips. The finish is very moisturizing and leaves a peach tint. The packaging for these lip tints are also great as it has a matte black casing which we think looks tres chic. 

 Next we decided to get the Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick which is multi purpose as it can be applied on both the cheeks and lips. This is in the shade Dream which is more of a barbie doll pink which we found does not look flattering on our lips though it gives a lovely flush of color to the cheeks. as they are extremely pigmented only a small amount is needed making it a great product to use, especially when you’re in a rush. 

 The last lip color we got, which is also probably our favorite, is the Sleek Matte Me in the shade Birthday Suit. This is a gorgeous color which we think looks very Kylie Jenner. As it is matte it is definitely a color you can wear that will last all day however we’re not sure the matte finish will please everyone as we have heard that some find it quite drying and slightly uncomfortable but we both think its a fab option, especially if you don’t like to reapply in the day.

What do you guys think of the colors we picked up?  we would love to know what lipsticks you recommend from the drugstore. But maybe you should let us know after Christmas as we may have been slightly excessive in our Christmas shopping, which we’re sure you’ll realise from our Kiko haul coming soon…

Love Curls & S x




15 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Three; 4 New Lip

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