The One Drugstore Polish You Need For Autumn

Our new favourite polish. We love it, the colour, the formulation and the application.  But instead of rambling on about this lovely color, we thought we’d show it to you in action with a simple nail art tutorial. 


It’s probably no surprise to you that the polish we’re talking about is a Barry M polish in the shade Slip Stream as mentioned in our autumnal favourites. This polish is a gorgeous purple shade which looks great with a few silver stripes, for this we used any ordinary silver tape. Ours is the essence nail art tape which has 3 rolls and is less than £2. So we started by using the Barry M polish as a base color and let that dry. Obviously that part didn’t take too long. Once it’s dry we recommend cutting all the strips of tape that you’re going to us first instead of doing it one at a time as it just makes it more fiddly. When cutting the tape make sure you add a little bit of extra length because if it’s too short you won’t be able to change it, but if it’s too long you can cut it off. When placing the tape on your nails it can be quite tricky but you just have to be patient and very delicate with it. Make sure they are all pressed down firmly before moving on to the next one. After they are all on its important to put a top coat on to seal the edges of the tape so it stays on for longer as it increases the longevity of this nail look. The topcoat we used is a very affordable Essence Anti Split Nail Healer but you can use whatever topcoat you have. Once the topcoat is dry you can then cut and adjust the edges of the tape so it fits perfectly on the finger. And there you have it, the most stunning but simple nail look that looks like you spent much longer on it. You can mix and match this idea to give you great looks, change the colour of the tape, change the colour of the polish, whatever floats your boat.  

 Have you used this nailpolish or any from the speedy dry range. We would love to know what color to put on our list next. Also, let us know if you try it out by tagging us in your creations on Instagram (@thecurlyandthestraight). 

Love Curls & S x


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