New in At The Drugstore

So basically, we saw lots of new things at the drugstore recently and thought we’d justify buying most of them with the reason of sharing them all with you. Because that’s allowed, right?  


First up, Rimmel. They have just released a new range of gorgeous lipstick shades called the Revolution The Only 1 Lipsticks. There are such stunning colours in their collection absolutely perfect for fall. The packaging is cute and sleek with a plain black lid twisted in a really cool shape and the colour of the lipstick in a small strip near the bottom. Tres chique. The colours we have are ‘Its’s a Keeper’ and ‘Naughty Nude’ both of which are more neutral shade though there are other darker colours as well. Another new lip release in the drugstore was the Maybelline creamy mattes, I think there’s about six shades but we didn’t pick those up, using every single inch of willpower inide us. Also, none of the shade were particularly appealing to us. Instead from Mayblline we picked up one of their new blushes which is just in the coolest packaging ever, the lid slides up, it’s much nicer than the look of the old blushes which began looking very outdated we have the shade 90 coral fever though there are 3 other shades including a hot pink a muted pink and neutral peach. In addition to these ip releases, Sleek have new candy lip tints with each shade named after a sweet, these are quite sheer and have small flecks of glitter, the shade we picked up is ‘Bon Bon’.Another new release is Bourjois who have released a new matte foundations which claim to last all day. They are quite thick formulas  in a squeeze bottle but have very nice coverage. I’ve already tried this product and can say that it is making its way to the top of my foundation list. Unfortunately they only hav have three shades and I have the darkest one so this really ismt a product for darker skin tones. Also releasing a new foundation is Rimmel which is a newer version of the Match Perfection which claims a higher coverage and eliminating pores, but we’ll find out. 

If you want to try a new primer before your foundation Barry M have come out with 3. A green one for redness a brightening one and a simple primer, we picked up the green one along with the new liquid highlighter to see how they both work as Barry M aren’t a brand generally known for face products. They have also released a few other things including a lip palette which we though included a great selection however there weren’t any in stock on our visit sadly. Maybe next time.

So that’s every new product from our basket, see anything you fancy? We can’t wait to try them all out, look out for our reviews soon! 

Love Curls & S x


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