The Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup and bargains tend to be two of our most favorite things in the world, so when we both had first passed the Makeup Revolution stand that has just opened at our local Superdrug we couldn’t resist temptation! As neither of us have purchased anything from the brand before we thought this was the perfect time to grab a few pieces and see if Revolution is really worth the hype…IMG_20150802_172346

In our slight shopping frenzy after being introduced to the brand we managed to calm down (slightly!) and resist temptation of taking the stand home. In the end we decided to get one highlighter in the shade peach lights which has a pink tone and although is extremely pigmented, it does have the least pigmentation out of the three highlights. We also purchased one of the blush palettes in the shade Golden Sugar which is gorgeous with some really nice shimmery bronze tones, it is a blush palette but a lot of the shades in here are very shimmery and can be used as a highlighter. The blush palettes from makeup revolution have had a lot of great reviews, so depending on how we get on with this one, we may purchase another soon as Sugar and Spice definitely holds a few lovely pink shades The last piece we picked up was a Revolution Blush stick in the shade malibu matte, this shade looks like it had been made for contouring though when we had swatched it, it does look too warm toned for contouring. So with this product I think we’re going to stick using it to bronze up our complexion rather than sculpting out our cheekbones.IMG_20150802_171518

IMG_20150802_171730IMG_20150802_172022As we have just purchased these we cannot really share with you our first judgements, though the swatches of some shades in the blush palette are stunning! If you would like to know what we think about any of these then let us know in the comments below and we will definitely do a full review. Have you tried this brand before, arethere any products you think we should get?

Love Curls & S x


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