Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

We have tried practically every product out there to treat under eye circles and can safely say, they don’t work. Trust us we’ve tried them all. This means that we look for alternative methods to hide under eye circles. And can we just say, we think we’ve found it.IMG_20150909_201530

The Soap and Glory kick ass concealer. It was honestly so great it just had to have its own post. It is the perfect handbag essential as It contains  a powder, mirror, powder puff and two concealer shades. It lasts all day and the powder is entirely crease proof. Some have also told it is the same for the Soap & Glory ‘One Heck Of A Blot’ and i so, we might just have to pick it up. The shade we own is light and these colors are ideal for our skin tone. We prefer to use the beige color for under eyes as it helps brighten and the pink color on blemishes though it depends on what you prefer. The best way to apply is through using the warmth of your fingertip rather than a brush as this makes it creamier and easier to blend. It already has quite a matte finish when applied but for it to last all day powder just helps, but if you have dry skin you probably won’t need to set it.IMG_20150909_201038

It definitely isn’t an everyday concealer as it is quite heavy coverage which isn’t necessary for a day to day basis unless you prefer a full face of makeup. The powder however, is definitely a firm favorite. We will use this powder most of the time to set any concealer as it just makes sure the concealer does not crease.Although we don’t prefer to use the powder puff to apply it but when applied with the real techniques setting brush it works wonderfully.IMG_20150909_201115

What’s your go to under eye concealer?

Love Curls & S x


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