Change These Things To Make Your Day More Productive

It’s that time of year again, we are going back to school, moving on a year, our next step in life. (feeling philosophical) Most of us become very anxious close to this time or feel very distressed, as do most adults when they have to go back to work. But we should be ecstatic! Maybe not that excited but slightly excited nonetheless. If you are one of those people who will continue to dread the start of a school year and give up with all the organisation and keeping up with homework by September 20th then join the club. Well the club we used to be in, but that all changed with a few little tweaks in our daily routine to make the day continue better.IMG_20150904_202546

You start by waking up. Now this is a task and a half. Your bed is so warm and cosy and you feel like your sleeping on an angels wings until you hear that threatening ring of the alarm bell blaring at you until you get out of bed. If you look at your alarm, press snooze and go back to bed one change this habit placing your alarm further away from you. Not just a couple of inches away from you but a good few feet away. I like to leave my alarm clock somewhere near sunlight, like behind a curtain, so the light makes you feel more awake. Also, if you still feel tired then go straight to the bathroom and wash your face which will make you feel more awake. To kick start your day it is a great idea to drink a large glass of water within half an hour of waking up to boost your metabolism.IMG_20150713_075155

Then you go downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast should be your most filling meal of the day and provide you with the bulk of your energy to get you through the day. If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning try and prepare some overnight oats the day before or grab s few cut up fruits and leave them in a small bag the night before so you can blend it as a quick morning smoothie. But if you have that extra time in the morning try and make yourself a fresh nutritious meal, we find sometimes preparing a meal in the morning whilst listening to some upbeat music can be quite therapeutic. Making something like scrambled eggs, warm porridge or even an acai bowl. Another way to add a bit of extra flavor to your breakfasts is by adding a few more fruits, honey or seeds. Anything you enjoy, be creative. play with these different ingredients and make a breakfast you fall in love with and look forward to eating.

We hope this post had some inspiring tips that will motivate you to get out of bed and do something great. Let us know what you include in your morning routines and if any of our helpful tips have helped you. We would love to know, how do you start your mornings?

Love Curls & S x


4 thoughts on “Change These Things To Make Your Day More Productive

  1. In 38 years, I have yet to master the art of getting out of bed without hitting snooze multiple times. Nothing has worked – I’ve tried setting multiple alarms, placing the alarm clock all the way across the room, using an app that makes you complete tasks before it will stop making noise, all to no avail. There’s simply no reasoning with my brain when I first wake up. Once I get up, I’m fine, but it’s the waking up part I have so much trouble with, lol.

  2. I loved the tip of leaving your alarm clock behind the curtain! I’m going to try it. What I do is turn my bedside lamp on when the alarm goes off, so even if I hit snooze, by the time it rings again the light will have made me less sleepy.

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