Another Makeup Revolution Haul

Well, we did warn you didn’t we? After our last Makeup Revolution Haul and having time to use each product properly the conclusion we drew up is that we need more Makeup Revolution, you know, for blogging purposes obviously. The quality at the price range is great and as there were a few products we resisted taking home last time we thought as it’s been a month, which we’re pretty proud of, why not?IMG_20150902_210525

The first product that went in the basket was another blush palette with more bright pink shades in it. This palette includes a gorgeous highlighter shade and some natural shades. Below we’ve swatched them all, partly to show you what the shades look like but also for our own enjoyment. Because it’s completely normal to feel satisfied from the swatch of a gorgeous rose pink with the slightest shimmer, right? The two most natural shades in this palette are amazing as subtle contour/blush colors, They add just enough glow on a natural makeup day and they have been the ones that we tend to reach for the most from this palette.IMG_20150902_175345

This probably wasn’t the most well thought out purchase as in our last haul we did pick the individual highlighter that is included in this palette but the other two shades were gorgeous. Can we all just take a minute to admire these shades… Done? Okay, so this is the radiance palette which, rather than acting as just highlighters they add a glow to your skin. The middle color works amazingly to lift the under eye area and make you look more awake. The shade on the left has a very subtle sheen that can be used lightly all over for a natural glow. But the bronze shade is S’s favorite. It’s a great color that would work well on all skin tones but especially darker skin tones. This shade mixed with the middle one makes a lovely highlighter shade for the tops of cheekbones, nose, forehead and cupids bow. We would recommend this palette to those who are looking to get into highlighters but don’t want anything too drastic just yet.IMG_20150902_175724

The last little piece we picked up, was based on a few recommendations from others we’ve spoken to. This is the eye-shadow in Delicious which is a cool toned dark brown matte shade. Although it is an eye-shadow we had mainly picked this eye-shadow up for contouring purposes, the texture is creamy and it is very well pigmented so we wouldn’t recommend it for the heavy handed as it can look muddy quite quickly. But for medium skin tones similar to ours, we think this shade works perfectly.IMG_20150902_180012

Well at least we’ve only picked up three pieces, which we think was quite justifiable and at this price point who can say no? The matte setting spray was one we speculated over for a while but came to the end conclusion that we don’t need it…just yet. But we can’t guarantee you won’t see it pop up in a future post, so you might just have to keep an eye out for it.

Love Curls & S x


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