Getting Back Into A Routine

Today is the 25th of August, so we know we are a little early in saying something a lot of you probably don’t want to hear. Summer is nearly over. This means back to school, work and most importantly, a routine. Now transitioning back into a routine may not be the easiest thing to do, but don’t worry we’ll show you a few little ways to help.


Regardless of whether you are getting back into a routine for school or work or the gym the one thing that will make it more bearable is to start off slow. Yes, we are aware you can’t ask the manager to let you work or an hour on your first day but re-familiarize yourself with your work and try and adjust your body clock a few days before hand so it isn’t that much of a shock to your system when you’re back. This is also with the gym, if you haven’t been exercising away with the few tips and tricks we showed you  it will be harder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The reason we’re sharing this with you slightly earlier is so that you have this time to adjust and getting back into a rhythm, well aren’t we prepared.

Also, those of you who are still at school, start your homework! You can’t fool us by saying you’ve done it already as we’ve been there and done that and from experience, can tell you late night catch ups are NOT helpful whatever way you look at it. So do maybe one piece today, two more tomorrow and so on depending on how much you have you might want to draw up a timetable for this week so you know what you are doing and when you have to do it. It is probably best to keep your nights out to a minimum this week and try and spend more time at home cleaning and making sure you have everything you need when you go back, so your gym bag is sorted or you have all your school equipment ready to go. You know, even if you don’t really want to.

With all that said, are you ready now?

Love Curls & S x


3 thoughts on “Getting Back Into A Routine

  1. No I am not. I don’t have the school issues or little ones but the misses and I are just getting into a routine ourselves. I wish I was independently wealthy lol. Good luck with establishing your routine!

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